• Combine "Magician's Circle" with "Urgent Tuning" to banish 2 cards from your opponent's Graveyard, getting a Synchro Summon and another attack from the Synchro Monster.
  • Attempt to destroy your opponent's "Stardust Dragon" or its "/Assault Mode" counterpart. Then Special Summon this card through a card's effect, and you can get rid of your opponent's "Stardust Dragon" once and for all.
    • Use "Magical Exemplar" and "Smashing Ground" to banish any monster in this way.
  • Alternatively, after using this card for a Synchro Summon, use "De-Synchro" to revive it and activate its effect.
  • Use this card's effect to banish key cards when playing against a graveyard based deck, such as Twilight and Chaos themed decks.

Traditional Format

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