• Before Fusion Summoning this card, use "Burst Stream of Destruction" if there already control a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to clear your opponent's field, so this card's first effect can be used for an OTK.
  • With this card's first effect, send a second and third copy of this same card to the Graveyard, so the card's second effect can be used 3 times (including when it dies).
    • Copies of the original "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" or "Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon" can also be sent.
    • Use "Burial from a Different Dimension" to return the copies of the "Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons" from the Banished Zone to the Graveyard, so its second effect can be used again.
    • Use cards like "Genesis Dragon" or "Divine Dragon Apocralyph" to return "Blue-Eyes" Fusion Monsters to the Extra Deck. It would be more convenient to use this strategy to set up Fusion Summons for the monsters that were sent rather than re-using this card's first effect.
  • Because "Meteorain" does not remain on the field after activation, this card still have to attack multiple times, and inflict piercing battle damage if your opponent controls monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle, but damage calculation is still applied (such as "Marshmallon" and "Spirit Reaper").
  • "Tyrant Wing" or "Tyrant Burst Dragon" can be used to increase this card's ATK and make it able to attack multiple times without the cost of sending "Blue-Eyes" Fusion Monsters to the Graveyard.

Traditional Format

  • Whether on the field or in the Graveyard, this card goes well with "Last Turn". Its high original ATK gives your opponent little chance of destroying this card by battle, if you selected it for said Trap. If you chose another "Blue-Eyes" monster while this card was in your Graveyard, you can banish this from your Graveyard to prevent your monster from being targeted by a card effect.
  • Summon with "Cyber-Stein" since it is not obligated to be Fusion Summoned.


 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon青眼の双爆裂龍LIGHTDragon1030002500
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon青眼の究極竜LIGHTDragon1245003800
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon真青眼の究極竜LIGHTDragon1245003800