• Summon this card in attack position and use his effect, then on your opponent's turn use a card like "Waboku" to ensure your "Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird" survives and then you can use its effect next turn and switch it into defense position. You can gain a maximum of 6000 Life Points using this trick (500 life points x 6 cards x 2 turns). You could even Tribute "Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird" after doing this to go on the offense after replenishing your Life Points.
  • Summon this card in attack position and use his effect. Then by using "Icarus Attack" you can not only gain Life Points, but also destroy two of your opponent's cards.
  • It is a good idea to summon this card first turn to gain 2500 Life Points. Factoring in Air Hummingbird's attack points your opponent will have to generate 1700 points of damage to take away your advantage (or in other words get out a monster with over 3300 attack first turn).
  • Use this card after attacking with "Sasuke Samurai #3" to increase your Life Points by 3500 points.
    • Be mindful that allowing your opponent to have 7 cards in his/her hand could be more dangerous than helpful especially if he has a low hand. It's extremely important to consider that if you have a strategy that could make you win the duel before you opponent gets to use that reinforced hand or you have a strong field and a strong hand.
  • Don't use this card's effect if you plan on Contact Fusing for "Elemental HERO Air Neos", as it will weaken its Fusion's ATK, unless your Life Points are already higher than your opponent's.

Traditional Format

  • Use "Giant Trunade" with this card to add up to 3000 extra Life Points (5 Spells or Traps and one Field Spell).

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