• "Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz" provides the easiest way to Summon this card; since it is not Level 9, it fits the Summoning requirement, while its effect fulfills the full requirement.
  • A clever Summon of this monster can be achieved with only "Nekroz of Clausolas" and "Nekroz of Brionac" in hand. Discarding "Clausolas" can search "Nekroz Mirror" and "Brionac" can search "Trishula," allowing all the parts of the Ritual to be fetched from the Deck while also putting exactly Level 9 in the Graveyard to use as Tributes with "Mirror"– all at a net loss of zero.
  • Due to its wording, if your opponent does not have a card in at least one of their Zones, then this card's effect will not be activated or resolved. Thus, a player can easily avoid this effect by either playing/setting all the cards in their hand or by controlling no cards.

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