• Use the discard effect of this card in combination with "Terminal World" to prevent your opponent from Special Summoning from their Extra Deck during their Main Phase 2 as well.
  • As you cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon other monsters on the turn you Ritual Summon this card. If you use its banishing effect, try Special Summoning the monsters you intend to Tribute for this card's Ritual Summon during the Main Phase 2 of the opponent's previous turn. This would help to alleviate any survivability issues for your Tributes were you to Summon them during your previous turn and try to leave them on the field for the entirety of your opponent's turn before you intend to Ritual Summon this card. "Zefraxa, Flame Beast of the Nekroz" can help out by Special Summoning itself during your opponent's turn.
    • Trap Monsters and Pseudo-Trap Monsters can easily be summoned during the opponent's End Phase. A combination of "The Prime Monarch" and a level 2 Paleozoic monster works rather well. "Monarch" can summon itself from the Graveyard and you only need a single level 4 monster as the last material.

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