• If you manage to activate this card's effect on your turn, activate "Assault on GHQ" after its effect goes off. This puts "Needle Worm" in the Graveyard for recovery later on in the Duel, and forces your opponent to discard another 2 cards from their Deck.
  • Once "Needle Worm" is either destroyed or Tributed, use "Soul Reversal" to return it to the top of the Deck.
  • Using three copies of "Needle Worms" and a "Sauropod Brachion" with multiple copies of "Book of Eclipses" is a sure fire way to mill the opponent's Deck to nothingness.
  • Use at least 2 copies of "Needle Worms" with 3 copies of "Skull Invitation" and/or at least 3 copies of "Paralyzing Chain" to inflict heavy damage to the opponent while also milling their Deck.

Traditional Format

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