• You can also improve it simply by using a good Equip Spell Card; even if this monster destroys only a Level 4 monster, it will do 2000 damage to the opponent, which is significantly more burn damage than more commonly used cards such as "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman" can expect to do when destroying a Level 4 monster.
  • You can summon a "Grinder Golem" in Defense Position and destroy it with this card, inflicting 4000 damage to the opponent in one turn.
    • For a similar strategy, use "Volcanic Queen" to tribute your opponent's monster and set it into defense position. This card can then destroy it to inflict 3000 damage.
  • Cards like "Limiter Removal", "Rush Recklessly", "Shrink", "Metalmorph" and "Rising Energy" all work well with this card. However, the 2 best cards to augment this card are "Riryoku" and "Prideful Roar" because they both allow it to kill any monster that can be destroyed by battle, regardless of its size. One works on your turn and the other works on your opponent's turn, an effective balance of offense and defense.
  • Use "Miracle Locus" to increase this card's Attack by 1000 and allow it to battle twice. This allows you to potentially destroy two monsters with less than 2700 ATK.

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