• This card can be useful in a "Shiranui" Deck, by triggering their effects and also recycling them.
  • Due to its first effect, this card can save Graveyard-reliant Decks from banishing effects, and can even overpower "Masked HERO Dark Law".
  • This card can be combined with "Soul Absorption", in order to provide a huge LP gain.
  • This card can be banished by an opponent's "Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon", surprisingly banishing up to 10 cards from their Deck (assuming the two allowed copies of this card were banished) and possibly crippling their strategy.
  • This card can be used to recycle cards that cannot normally be recycled that banish themselves, such as "Fusion Substitute". Cards that are easily searchable but nearly impossible to recycle.
  • "Destiny HERO - Malicious" can have 2 of it's copies that are banished placed back into the deck for an additional 2 uses with this card.
  • This card could work well in a "Chaos Zone" related deck.

Traditional Format