• If this card is destroyed and you Special Summon 2 of these, you can tribute 1 of them to bring "Naturia Bamboo Shoot".
  • Being a Level 1 "Plant" "Tuner" monster with powerful Deck-thinning and swarming abilities, this card is an obvious choice for any "Gigavise" Deck. Just like "Copy Plant" and "Spore", it can be summoned with "Gigaplant's" effect and trigger the "Power Tool Dragon" - "Supervise" loop. You can also use its self-swarming ability to get tributes for "Gigaplant's" summoning, or better yet, use them with "Super Solar Nutrient" to summon "Lonefire Blossom" and bring out "Gigaplant" from the Deck, without even using your Normal Summon for the turn!

Traditional Format

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