• Combine this card with "Battle Mania" and "Heart of Clear Water" to inflict massive damage, but be sure that this is the only monster on your side of the field and keep it in defense position.
  • This card would work very well with a face-up "Naturia Mosquito", to force your opponent to attack this card. Add "Half Shut" and "Battle Mania" to this combination to ensure heavy battle - and effect - damage to your opponent.
    • Additionally, since under the effect of "Naturia Mosquito", battle damage with this card is dealt to your opponent, use "Naturia Beans" to attack an opponents powerful monster. Your "Naturia Beans" won't be destroyed - due to its own effect, and your opponent loses a large amount of life points - and will continue to do so.
  • Combine with "The Dark Door" to prevent direct attacks/battle damage and make "Naturia Beans" indestructible (by battle). it also has a similar effect to "Gyroid" so combining both in a deck would emphasize the effect.
  • Combine this card's effect with "Stronghold Guardian", as your opponent will likely suffer through attacking this card twice if they feel assured of its destruction. This card will likely survive and cost your opponent another 1000 Life Points to destroy in their next turn.
  • Note: This effect can be compounded through the use of "Book of Eclipse", resetting this card's effect before Damage Calculation, but after 500 damage has been inflicted.

Traditional Format

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