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Summoning Tips

  • "Naturia Cherries" and "Naturia Cliff" are perfect for bringing this card out, because not only do they Special Summon on any kind of destruction your opponent employs, but they thin the deck as well, making it easier to draw "Bamboo Shoot" if you don't already have it
    • With "Naturia Cliff" and all three "Naturia Cherries" in your deck, you can survive five full attacks from your opponents monsters and still have a monster left to tribute for your Bamboo Shoot
  • Use "Naturia" like "Naturia Butterfly" and "Naturia Beans", they have a great chance of surviving during a opponent's turn, and you can tribute them to Summon this card.
  • Usually if your opponent starts first, it will be easier for you to Summon this card because you can Summon "Naturia Cosmobeet" during a opponent's turn (Your opponent can't attack during the first turn).

Useful cards to use with this card

  • Combine Angel O7 and Destiny HERO - Plasma to prevent your opponent from using any effect. Equip Raregold Armor and any other equip card that increases ATK by 300 to Angel 07 and your opponent cannot escape this lockdown.
  • Use "Safe Zone" on this card for a deadly combo that only can be stopped by Monster Cards that do not target this card or Monster Cards that can destroy Spells/Traps like "Breaker the Magical Warrior".
  • Combo this card with cards that increase it's ATK like "Axe of Despair" to prevent it from being Destroyed by Battle easily.
  • Use Thorn of Malice to increase this cards attack, and use the Piercing effect to inflict a lot of damage to your opponent every turn. On top of that, their monster can't be destroyed by battle so this can be repeated until the opponent loses all his Life Points.
  • Use "Wall of Thorns" to protect this card against monster with higher ATK, or to keep "Naturia" Plant-Type monsters alive during your opponent's turn and tribute it to Summon this card.
  • Use "Mist Body" to protect this card from stronger monsters.
  • "Scrap-Iron Scarecrows" can stop opponents attacks very well. This will keep this card safe from most attacks.

Counter-measures against this card

  • Because this card prevents card activation upon successful summon, cards like "Solemn Judgment" and "Solemn Warning" can negate the summon and prevent a lock
  • Monster effects can destroy or bounce this card will remove the block on Spell and Trap cards. This also will make its return difficult due to it needing to be Tribute Summoned.
  • Other monster effects can also affect this card.
  • Monsters that Tribute your opponent's monster(s), such as "Lava Golem" and "Volcanic Queen", can get rid of this card easily, since Tributing cannot be chained to or be negated.

Traditional Format

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