Card Tips:Mystical Space Typhoon

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  • When an opponent's monster declares an attack, use this card to destroy a Equip, Field or Continuous Spell/Trap Card that increases that monster's ATK, which can mitigate the battle damage you take or even cause your monster to win the battle.
  • Set this card, so that when your opponent Sets a Spell/Trap Card, you can use this card to destroy it during the End Phase of that turn so your opponent can't Chain it.
  • You can use this card to destroy your own Spell/Trap Cards. This is useful if you plan to stall for time by using a card like "Gravity Bind", or use an effect like "Geartown".
  • Chain this card to the activations of your opponent's Equip, Field, or Continuous Spell/Trap Cards (or their effects), especially the ones that require a cost, since their card's effect won't resolve if the card is no longer on the field.

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