• Be mindful of Costs and non-Cost effects. Your opponent pays the Cost, however, cards such as "Allure of Darkness" require a card removal as an additional effect as opposed to a Cost.
  • If your opponent activates a direct damage card such as "Ookazi" or "Final Flame", you can transfer the direct damage to your opponent
  • You can use "Exchange" to give your opponent a Spell card so that you can later redirect its effect with this card.
  • You can use this card to your "Into the Void" to make your opponent discard their hand during your End Phase.
  • Comboing "Cold Feet" with this card can prevent your opponent from setting Spells and Traps or using their effects.
  • Comboing "The Humble Sentry" with this card can make your opponent reveal their hand and shuffle one card into their deck instead of yourself.


  • A list of the cards that this card can be used against can be found here.