• With the right field control, this card can be a force. If your opponent only controls 1 monster, and it is destroyed by this card, they'll simply redraw it on their next turn. This can leave the opponent in a deadly loop known as the Jackal Lockdown. If they don't place a monster, in hopes of drawing something useful, you can then go in for game winning finishing blows.
  • Use with "Miracle Locus" to easily force 2 monsters to the top of your opponent's Deck.
  • When preparing for the finishing blow of a "Jackal Lockdown", you can force the process by using "Non Aggression Area".

Traditional Format

  • Activate "Cold Wave" before the Summon of this monster, then destroy 1 monster with it and attack directly with "Yata-Garasu", blocking the access at that monster by your opponent.

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