• This card could be used in a Hamon Deck. That way you could draw "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder" even sooner and have two out of the three sacrifices for it.
  • This card works in a "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings" deck. That way you can draw "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings" and have two out of the three Continuous Spells needed to Summon it.
  • This card can be used very effectively with "Herald of Perfection", as the Herald can ensure that you can still counter your opponent's moves despite the fact that you lack four of your five Spell & Trap Card Zones, and in turn this card will ensure that you almost never run out of fodder for the Herald's effect by allowing you to draw more cards. You even still have one free Spell & Trap Card Zone left, which you could use for Counter Traps that counter things that the Herald cannot, such as attacks and Summons. Then, "Beckoning Light" can return Fairy-Type monsters to your hand should you run out (as they're almost universally of the LIGHT Attribute), as well as control the number of Fairy-Type monsters in your Graveyard for a potential Special Summoning of "Archlord Kristya", who would not only further lock your opponent down on top of the Herald by preventing Special Summons too, but would also act as beater so as to allow you to finish your highly debilitated opponent off. This card would help with that idea by making getting Kristya into your hand a lot easier due to the additional draw power, as otherwise she is basically unsearchable.

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