• Using this card is a good way to get an Alien monster into the Graveyard to later summon with "Alien Ammonite" for a Synchro Summon. That it destroys an opponent's monster is a bonus.
  • After summoning an alien monster from your deck you can destroy it by using ""A" Cell Scatter Burst" in order to distribute A-counters among your opponent's monsters.
  • Use "Crop Circles" on the monster you Special Summoned with this card to keep a monster on the field .
  • This card works well with "Alien Kid" to destroy a monster they special summon.
  • This card is one of best cards to use in conjunction with "Code A Ancient Ruins". The Alien monster summoned through Mysterious Triangle is destroyed at the end of the turn, placing 1 "free" A-Counter on "Code A Ancient Ruins".
  • If you destroy your own Alien monster with "Mysterious Triangle" while "Code A Ancient Ruins" is on the field, at the end of the turn you will have 2 A-Counters on "Code A Ancient Ruins" - enough to summon an Alien monster next turn.
  • You can use "W Nebula Meteor" to protect "Alien Kid" or LIGHT Aliens you Special Summoned with "Mysterious Triangle". If you use it to save "Alien Kid", you can get a free draw out of it.

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