• Since this card's effect lasts until the End Phase, you can use this card with "Melomelody the Brass Djinn" so this card can attack with 3000 attack points twice by just detaching one Xyz material.
    • Also, in addition to the above tip, if you equip "United We Stand" and use the effect of "Melomelody", this card can attack twice with at least 6200 ATK. You can boost it's attack further in order to preform an OTK if your opponent has only 1 monster and you can attack directly.
    • You can also OTK with this card if you have him along with "Armory Arm" and either "Daigusto Phoenix" or "Melomelody" and your opponent has at least one Attack Position monster. You can equip "Armory Arm" to "Muzurhythm", then select "Muzurhythm" with either "Daigusto Phoenix's" or "Melomelody's" effect, allowing it to attack twice. When "Muzurhythm" attacks, activate its effect to double its ATK to 5000. When it destroys an Attack position monster, it will inflict a total of 5000 damage, so when you attack twice (either into another Attack Position monster or directly), you will inflict a total of 10000 damage.

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