• Combine this card with "Labyrinth of Nightmare" to attack with it without leaving it vulnerable to your opponent's monsters.
  • If your opponent only has 1 Attack Position monster, you can attack with this monster and take control of it, leaving your opponent wide open to a direct attack. You can't use your opponent's monster to attack, but you can use your own.
  • Use "Mystic Wok" to tribute the monster you took from your opponent before the end of the Battle Phase to gain LP and remove a monster from your opponent's side of the field.
  • If your opponent only has one monster on their side of the field, use "Ojama Trio" to summon Ojama tokens to their side of the field so you can use this card's effect.
  • Take control of a monster to use "Urgent Tuning" while you control a Tuner, possibly leaving your opponent open to an attack and removing a monster from their field.
  • This card works incredibly well with "Magical Dimension", as you can use your opponent's most powerful monsters to battle for you, then tribute them for more powerful Spellcasters who can also attack in the same Battle Phase.
  • Combine this card with "Drillroid" or "Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke" to create a lose-lose scenario for your opponent: Monsters left in Attack position can be hijacked, and monsters left in Defense position are immediately destroyed.

Traditional Format

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