• Use this card against an opponent's monster with high ATK but low DEF, or against monsters with troublesome effects, such as "Jinzo" and "Ally of Justice Catastor".
  • This card can be great to use against a deck utilizing "The Seal of Orichalcos"; the effect of this card will bypass the "Seal"'s ability from not being able to be destroyed by card effects and, once it goes back to the hand, your opponent won't be able to activate it again, as the card can only be activated once per duel.
  • Dark World Deck, perhaps, gain the highest advantage from this card - it will flip the opponent's monster to face-down defense (allowing you to use "Dark World Lightning" to get rid of ANY monster that can be targeted (and discard a "Dark World" monster)) and return "The Gates of Dark World" to the hand, (allowing you to protect it, or reuse it's once per turn effect during the same turn).
    • Also, if you'll use one of the most powerful combos that "Dark World" have - (Set "Morphing Jar", give it to your opponent with "Creature Swap", then activate "Swords of Revealing Light" to flip it face-up and gain full effects of "Dark World" monsters that you'll discard with it's effect.) - this card lets you to reuse it.
  • This card can be good in a revival-based Deck to temporarily remove an opponent's "Necrovalley" from the field. However, it can also let them reuse some "Gravekeeper's" Flip Effects ("Spy", "Guard", etc.).
  • This card can be used to return "Ancient Forest" to your hand, and has the opposite effect. You can bounce it, attack with impunity, and re-play it for continued defense.
  • This card works well in "Arcana" Decks to return "Light Barrier" to your hand if its effect was negated during the Standby Phase.
  • Use this card after you use the effect of "Dragon Ravine" and then replay it to get a second use out of the field card and get your opponent's monster face-down.
    • Likewise, as a counter-strategy an opponent can use this card to get "Dragon Ravine" off the field temporarily to prepare for a permanent removal option (i.e. activating "Card Destruction", "Hand Destruction" or another discard effect card to get it out of the opponent's hand and into the graveyard or prepare a Counter Trap like "Dark Bribe" to negate it when the controlling player tries to activate "Dragon Ravine" again).
  • "Fortune Lady" players can use this card to temporarily remove "Future Visions" from the field to not only put an opponent's troublesome monster face-down, but also to permanently remove an opponent's monster already banished by the effect of "Future Visions" and allow you to Normal Summon safely before you reactivate this field card.
    • This is one way you can safely Tribute summon "Fortune Lady Dark" and "Fortune Lady Earth" without sacrificing field presence if you had no means to Special Summon them instead to avoid temporary banishment by the effect of "Future Visions".
  • Plant players can use this card to temporarily remove "Black Garden" from the field before summoning a monster that they don't want to lose ATK power on before returning it to the field and activating the summoning effect of that field card.
  • In an emergency, Spellcaster players can use this card to bounce "Secret Village of the Spellcasters" off the field before it backfires on them when they lose their last Spellcaster-Type monster on the field or have to switch to using a non-Spellcaster monster.

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