• Use "Detonate" after activating "Multiply" to destroy up to 5 of your opponent's cards.
  • Use the Tokens as Tributes to fulfill the requirement of "Yubel".
  • Use "DNA Surgery" or "D. Tribe" to change the Tokens to Dragon-Type and fuse them for "F.G.D.".
    • If there is "Dark Paladin", "D. Tribe"/"DNA Surgery" and "Multiply", it can create an OTK. There will be a monster with at least 5400 ATK. Then "Super Polymerization" can be activated and fuse "Dark Paladin" with the Tokens, to form "Five-Headed Dragon" and attack again.
  • If a "Parasitic Ticky" is used, it will gain up to 2000 ATK and DEF after up to 4 other "Kuriboh Tokens" is Special Summoned using this card.
  • The Spell Card "United We Stand" forms a perfect combo with "Multiply", as it will increases your monsters Attack and Defense by the number of monsters under your control which can be (depending on the monsters ATK and DEF) can potentially become an OTK/One Turn Kill. (A "Blue Eyes White Dragon" for example, ATK and DEF will become 7000/6500 thanks to the "Kuriboh Tokens", which counts as monsters.)
  • If your opponent uses this Spell with an empty field, the Tokens can always be just left there. They're stuck with five useless monsters that they can't Tribute and have to suicide to get rid of, and your choice to do whatever is on your field.

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