• A player who goes first in the Duel and has this card in their opening hand can gain a card advantage over their opponent by immediately activating this card during their opponent's first Draw Phase. The opponent will lose 6 cards and draw 5, for a -1 in card advantage, while this card's activator will lose 4 cards (at least 3 in the hand plus this card) and draw 5 for a +1.
  • This card can be used to punish a player that makes extensive use of "Maxx "C"", but the LP loss to this card's activator may be massive.
  • This card can capitalize on the effect of a "Virus" card you've recently used. It's especially helpful if your own hand was lacking prior to this card's activation.
  • The effect of "Solemn Wishes" will reward you with 2500 LP after drawing with this card's effect.
  • Once your opponent draws with this effect, "Appropriate's" effect will give you another two cards.

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