• This card works very well in a "Malefic" Deck. Not only is it a Field Spell necessary for keeping your monsters of the field, it also prevent several key members of the archetype ("Malefic Rainbow Dragon", "Malefic Cyber End Dragon", "Malefic Truth Dragon" and "Malefic Paradox Dragon") from being targeted and destroyed by card effects. It will also allow your high level "Malefic" monsters to inflict damage by themself whenever they destroy a monster by battle, limiting the number of turns your opponent can survive.
    • While "Malefic Paradox Dragon" destroys itself if "Malefic World" isn't on the field, "Mound of the Bound Creator" prevents it from destroying itself.
  • This card does not stop card effects which would negate a Summon, such as "Thunder King Rai-Oh" or "Solemn Warning", or card effects that would negate the activation of a card effect (although the high level monster itself won't be destroyed), such as "Stardust Dragon". Consequently, it is a good idea to have other cards to handle such effects.
  • This also works with the "Wicked God" series, making them all extremely difficult to kill without removing this card first and the damage effect will allow "The Wicked Avatar" to deal considerably more damage than it usually would be able to.
  • This card can be used in a "Yubel"-themed deck since all of them are Level 10 or higher.
  • This card also works well for an "Earthbound Immortal" Deck, since all of them are Level 10 and require a Field Spell to exist on the field.
  • Use this card with "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder" to produce a 4000 ATK, effect-resistant monster that deals 2000 extra effect damage whenever it destroys an opponent's monster.
  • Use this card with the "Aesir" monsters to protect them from non-destructive effects from which they would not be able to resurrect via their natural effects.
  • Use this card combined with "The Supremacy Sun". You'll have a monster nearly impossible to destroy and even if it happens you can simply resurrect it on your next turn, thanks to its special ability.
  • This card is gives "Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree" extra protection from destruction and your opponent will not be able to surpass the loophole of being vulnerable during the Main Phase 2.
  • If you have "Armityle the Chaos Phantom", "Spirit Barrier", "Imperial Iron Wall", "Mask of Restrict" and "G.B. Hunter" along with this card on the field, "Armityle" is virtually unstoppable, until the other cards are removed.
    • Cannot Return to the Extra Deck (or Hand) (G.B Hunter)
    • Cannot be destroyed by battle (Its own effect)
    • Cannot be target, or destroyed by cards effect (This card)
    • Cannot be tributed (Mask of Restrict)
    • Cannot be banished (Imperial Iron Wall)
    • Take no battle damage (Spirit Barrier)
  • "Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon" cannot be destroyed in battle and can attack 2 monsters each turn, allowing for an almost invincible monster that can activate this field for 2000 damage each turn.
  • Combining this card with "Darkness Neosphere" creates an essentially immortal monster with very high ATK, since Neosphere cannot be destroyed in battle. Also, this almost ensures the opponent cannot play defensively to protect their LP.

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