• By its own effect, this card will have 1000, 1800, 2600, 3400, 4200, or 5000 ATK with the respective number of equip cards from 0-5 before including the effects of the cards equipped to it.
  • Assuming four additional monsters (or tokens), slightly lower Life Points than your opponent, and a field card, this card, when equipped with three "Mage Power", a "United We Stand", and an "Unstable Evolution" will have an ATK of 19,400.
  • This card works very well with "Unstable Evolution". When your Life Points are lower than your opponent's, this card's ATK is 3,200. When your Life Points are equal or higher, this card loses no ATK and still gains 800 from its own effect.
  • This card's base power becomes 2600 ATK when equipped with 2 equip cards, 50 ATK points more than "Maha Vailo" with 2 equip cards. "Morphtronic Videon" has an advantage over "Maha Vailo" only when having multiple equip cards, so it is preferred only in decks with a large amount of equip cards or because it can also have a defensive boost.

Traditional Format

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