• To maximize this card's effect, summon "Morphtronic Boomboxen" and "Morphtronic Boarden" as quickly as possible. Their total ATK is only 7100, but that's usually enough to end the game outright or just give you a huge advantage.
  • The combined ATK of "Morphtronic Radion", "Morphtronic Boomboxen", "Morphtronic Boarden", and almost any other Morphtronic monster when combined with "Radion" is enough for a surprise OTK. Summon "Morphtronic Celfon", bringing out another monster mentioned above. Then, use "Ultimate Offering" or "Double Summon" to Normal Summon the other monsters and attack for game.
  • You can use this card with "Honest".
  • Use with "Broken Blocker" for maximum efficiency for its defense effect.
  • "Sishunder" can be used to bring this card back to your hand from the graveyard, as it's ATK is 1000 in the graveyard and it meets the level and type requirement.
  • "Mahunder" and "Pahunder" can both summon this card to the field with their effects. If they are on the field at the start of your turn they can even summon an extra copy for each on your side of the field.

Traditional Format

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