• Use "Swords of Revealing Light" while this card is in Defense Position to accumulate counters, and then Tribute this card to do large damage.
  • Use "Stumbling" to shift this card to Defense Position when summoned and to stop your opponent's monsters from killing it by turning them to defense as well.
  • You can use a card like "Heart of Clear Water" to equip to "Clocken" to stall out for the necessary time in defense mode to deal massive damage to your opponent. Just don't switch "Morphtronic Clocken" to attack position while he is equipped with "Heart of Clear Water" because often his ATK will exceed that of the limit on "Heart of Clear Water" and it will be destroyed.
  • This card is good when equipped with "Mist Body". You can keep giving it Morph Counters and then tribute it to inflict massive damage.

Traditional Format

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