• Alternatively, you could simply have 2 "Morphtronic Boarden's" on the field.
  • By having "Morphtronic Boomboxen", "Morphtronic Radion" and "Morphtronic Boarden" all in face-up attack mode, you can deal at least 7100 damage to your opponent directly in one attack making this a very powerful OTK when used correctly.
  • There is an OTK strategy which requires at least two of this card and "Morphtronic Map".
  • Use "Machine Duplication" to immediately summon two extra copies of "Morphtronic Boarden" in Defense Position, assuring none of your future "Morphtronic" monsters won't be destroyed by battle.
  • Use "Mist Body" or "Heart of Clear Water" and Equip to this card, this will allow your "Morphtronic Boarden" to become indestructible in battle while continuously using it's effect in Defense position to make your other monsters indestructible in either position.
  • This cards Defense position effect will allow you to swarm the field with lots of different morphtronic monsters, which will pile up attack strength for massive direct attack or use effects of your morphtronic monsters to deal effect/piercing damage to your opponents Life Points while keeping field presence.
  • There is an 5700 combo with this card. You need 4 cards: "Machine Duplication", "Morphtronic Boarden", "Morphtronic Radion" and "Double Summon". First, summon "Boarden". Then, use "Duplication". Third, activate "Double Summon". Summon "Morphtronic Radion" in attack mode. 1300 + 1300 + 1300 + 1800 = 5700 damage.
  • There is an OTK involving having this card on the field, together with "Morphtronic Radion", "Morphtronic Boomboxen" and "Morphtronic Celfon". Use the effect of "Celfon" and "Junk Box" to swarm the field with these 4 monsters and attack for a total of 8000 damage. You will need 1 turn setup here, so something like "Threatening Roar" would be good.
  • Use "Spider Web" with this card and your other Morphtronics so after they attack, they are switched to defense mode and can't be destroyed, unless "Boarden" is.

Traditional Format

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