Traditional Format

Summoning and Searching

  • Once in the Graveyard, you can play "Soul Reversal" to bring the monster back to the top of your deck for another run.
  • This card is usually noted for its ability to mill cards from the opponent's Deck to the Graveyard. What is often overlooked is its first ability that returns all monsters on the field to the Deck. This ability can stop an entire swarm of enemy monsters when your opponent commits to the field. This is very useful against Decks like "Six Samurai" and "Wind-Up". Also you can potentially Special Summon monsters (that are Level 4 of lower) from your Deck to completely alter the complexion of the field.

Decks and Deck structure

  • This card could work wonders for a Duston deck, as you would run tons of level 1 monsters. It can either set up for Star Duston next turn, since there would be 4 Duston monsters on the field for you to flip face-up and send for his special summon, or it can give you a Goblin King with 3000 ATK or more next turn.
  • This card is very useful in Rock Decks, especially those featuring "Megarock Dragon", and a few good level 4 monsters. Since Rock monsters are generally weak to removal via Spells, Traps, and high level Monster Effects, this card tends to eliminate a number of those threats from the opponent's Deck. Since this card is a Rock-Type Monster, it can also benefit that Deck.
  • Avoid using this card in a Deck that has lots of Level 5 or higher monsters or monsters that cannot be Special Summoned like Spirit monsters.
  • This card is useful in a Deck that lots of Flip Effect Monsters.
    • This works well in a Worm based Deck; most of the Worms are Flip Effect Monsters.
  • Play this card alone against Decks that are built with many high level Monsters to severely lower the amount of cards they have left.
  • In theory, you could draw your entire deck with this card, and it is fairly simple to get a OTK using this card and "Magical Explosion", as you can draw infinite cards with this card's effect. Put no monsters in your deck besides 2 or 3 copies of this card, and fill the rest with spell cards of any kind, preferably ones that can bring this card to the hand or field, and that bring "Magical Explosion" to your hand. You would need at least 40 spell cards in your deck, but with a 100% chance to discard all non-monsters until you find one, with a little luck you'll get enough for a one turn kill.


  • This card is best used if it's the only monster you control and it's attacked while face-down: in this way its effect will only affect the opponent.
  • Combine this card and "Light of Intervention" in a Synchro Deck to easily get the advantage over your opponent.
  • "Desert Sunlight" can force the activation of this card's effect before your opponent can attack it.
Special Summon "Grinder Golem" to your opponent's field and you will get two Grinder Tokens with 0 Attack. Attack the "Grinder Golem" with a "Grinder Token". "Inferno Tempest" Can now be activated. With no monsters in their Deck, your opponent will be forced to pick up cards until they get the Monsters that were on their Field and will end up Milling a lot of their Deck. (A few things to worry about: First, you can not Normal Summon or Set on the turn you use "Grinder Golem", so find a way to get this onto the Field and Face-down by cards like "The Shallow Grave" or "Monster Reborn" and "Book of Moon". Second, if "Grinder Golem" is still on the field when this card activates, you have to Mill until you have a monster for it, ("Inferno Tempest" affects you too). If your opponent attacks and destroys this monster, this card will not act against your Deck. Tokens do not count for this card so you will not need to worry about the other "Grinder Token". You cannot successfully Deck someone out with this because the player needs to send a monster to their Deck to activate the effect, however by having no Monsters in the Deck and a lot of your Opponent's Monsters on the Field, your opponent can lose a large amount of cards from their Deck and Deck out fairly soon.
  • Use this card after activating "All-Out Attacks". If your Deck consists of only a few monsters, you will be able to use Flip Effects of some Monsters to Mill or Burn your opponent for an immediate win. See All-Out Attacks OTK for more.

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