• Use "Mormolith's" effect after activating "Curse of Anubis". After doing that, you'll destroy all monsters on the field.
  • This card can destroy all "Monarchs" by itself.
  • While there may not be many all Rock decks, "Solidarity" is one of the best ATK boosting cards for use with this card's effect since there are not many level 4 or lower monsters with 1800 or more DEF, and many higher leveled monsters cannot stand up to this kind of power either. Just be careful with your own monsters as they can just as easily be wiped out too.
  • Use this card along with "Micro Ray" to destroy any monster on the field.

Traditional Format


  • EARTH monsters sorted by ATK:
 Primary typeTypeStarsATKDEF
Rocket Arrow ExpressEffect MonsterMachine1050000
Machina ForceEffect MonsterMachine1046004100
Ultimate Ancient Gear GolemFusion MonsterMachine1044003400
Master of OzFusion MonsterBeast942003700
T.G. Halberd CannonSynchro MonsterMachine1240004000
Imperion Magnum the Superconductive BattlebotFusion MonsterRock1040004000
Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle MachineFusion MonsterMachine1240004000
Beast Machine King Barbaros ÜrEffect MonsterBeast-Warrior838001200
Super Vehicroid - Stealth UnionFusion MonsterMachine936003000
Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault ModeEffect MonsterPsychic1135003000
Thor, Lord of the AesirSynchro MonsterBeast-Warrior1035002800
Perfectly Ultimate Great MothEffect MonsterInsect835003000
Gaia Drake, the Universal ForceFusion MonsterBeast-Warrior1035002800
Valkyrion the Magna WarriorEffect MonsterRock835003850
ZefraathPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant DiamondFusion MonsterRock1034002000
Goyo EmperorFusion MonsterWarrior1033002500
T.G. Blade BlasterSynchro MonsterMachine1033002200
Naturia GaiastrioFusion MonsterRock1032002100
Digvorzhak, King of Heavy IndustryXyz MonsterMachine532002000
Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super DoraXyz MonsterMachine1032004000
Atomic Scrap DragonSynchro MonsterDragon1032002400
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred TreeSynchro MonsterBeast1031001900
XX-Saber GottomsSynchro MonsterBeast-Warrior931002600
Night Express KnightEffect MonsterMachine1030003000
Super Vehicroid Jumbo DrillFusion MonsterMachine830002000
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav MaxXyz MonsterMachine1030003000
Three Thousand NeedlesEffect MonsterBeast830001800
Black Luster SoldierRitual MonsterWarrior830002500
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate PoundEffect MonsterMachine830003000
Hyper Psychic BlasterSynchro MonsterPsychic930002500
Ultimate TyrannoEffect MonsterDinosaur830002200
Battleguard KingEffect MonsterWarrior830001100
Black Luster Soldier - Super SoldierRitual MonsterWarrior830002500
Berserkion the Electromagna WarriorEffect MonsterRock830002800
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron DragonEffect MonsterMachine830002000
Black Luster Soldier (Normal)Normal MonsterWarrior830002500
Invoked MagellanicaFusion MonsterRock830003300
Ancient Gear Reactor DragonEffect MonsterMachine930003000
Beast King BarbarosEffect MonsterBeast-Warrior830001200
Googly-Eyes Drum DragonXyz MonsterMachine830002500
Scrap Twin DragonSynchro MonsterDragon930002200
Toon Ancient Gear GolemEffect MonsterMachine830003000
Ancient Gear GolemEffect MonsterMachine830003000
Subterror Behemoth UltramafusEffect MonsterPyro1230001800
Apoqliphort TowersEffect MonsterMachine1030002600
Beast-Eyes Pendulum DragonFusion MonsterDragon830002000
UlevoEffect MonsterWinged Beast1030002500
Naturia LeodrakeSynchro MonsterBeast930001800
CXyz Comics Hero Legend ArthurXyz MonsterWarrior530002400
... further results

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