• "Monster Reincarnation" is also good to use if your opponent destroys a "Lava Golem" you gave to them as you can use "Lava Golem's" effect again and Special Summon it onto their side of the field.
  • Another useful use of this card is for "Lightsworn" and "Twilight" Decks to mill just the right monsters into your graveyard while picking up whichever Monster you want to Special Summon (this applies more so in case of a "Twilight" deck, then that of a "Lightsworn" Deck you want).
  • This card works great with flip effect monsters, as you can return one to your hand, and set it so that you can flip it later and use the monster's effect.
  • This card is fitting to use in a "Scrap" Deck due to the combo of "Scrap Chimera" and "Scrap Beast". In addition, you can still use it to do some recycling of other vital Scrap monsters.
  • This card works well with Foolish Burial to add any monster from your deck to your hand.

Traditional Format

  • A great combo with this card is, while having "Monster Reborn" in hand, use "Monster Reincarnation" to bring back a monster from your Graveyard and discard a high ATK monster such as "Blue Eyes White Dragon" or a monster with a great effect such as "Jinzo", finally, use "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon the monster your discarded. This works great to create potentially strong loops with "Dark Magician of Chaos".

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