• Use "Brain Control" (or a similar card) to take an opponent's monster, then Tribute it for the activation cost of "Monster Gate".
  • This card works well with "Macro" Decks.
  • Use in a "Lightsworn" Deck to mill cards to your Graveyard.
  • This card is great when combined with "Big Eye". A monster of your choice can be Summoned from the cards picked up by "Big Eye" and prevent any Spell or Trap Cards from going to the Graveyard.
    • Likewise, if an Spells and Traps are needed to be sent to the Graveyard, "Big Eye" can help in this respect as well.
  • This card can be used in a "Hieratic" Deck, Tributing a "Hieratic" monster, 2 monsters can quickly be Summoned, one by the effect of "Monster Gate" and another monster by the effect of "Hieratic" Tributed monster.

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