• Cards like "Court of Justice", "Human-Wave Tactics", and "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen" can provide ways to get another Fairy-Type monster on the field to be destroyed for this card's effect.
    • Cards like "Nova Summoner" and "Shining Angel" are also useful in that they can trigger this card's effect and replace themselves with another Fairy-Type monster that can trigger this card's effect (potentially a "Mokey Mokey" as well, which will have 3000 ATK as a result).
  • "Limit Reverse" is a good card that can not only retrieve "Mokey Mokey" and other Fairy-Type monsters, but can also trigger this card's effect by having the Summoned monster change to Defense Position (which destroys the monster).
  • "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is a good card to use for avoiding battle damage from battles that trigger this card's effect
    • In this case, "Zeradias, Herald of Heaven" is also an excellent card to use, since it can both search for that Field Spell Card as well as trigger this card's effect with its own effect.
  • If this card's effect is triggered while 3 copies of "Mokey Mokey" are on its controller's field, "Delta Attacker" is an ideal card to use.
  • "Cloudian" monsters are good monsters to use for triggering this card's effect, as most of them can be changed to Defense Position and self-destruct that way.
    • "Cloudian - Turbulence" is especially good, since it has an effect that can Special Summon a copy of "Cloudian - Smoke Ball", which in turn complements other support cards typically used in a "Mokey Mokey" Deck (and serves as another Fairy-Type monster that can be destroyed for this card's effect).

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