• This card can be searched by "Dark Sage", "Ancient Gear Drill", "Alchemic Magician", "Spell Calling", "Quick Booster" and "Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan".
  • When this card's target leaves the field, it is considered a different card than the original target. This is especially devastating against decks like True Dracos, as targeting the spells or traps will prevent them from triggering their destruction effect upon being sent to the grave, along with using any other copies of the cards in the future.
    • Another great target for this (assuming you use it when she cannot chain herself), is "Sky Striker Ace - Raye". If you manage to target her once on a turn she's already used her effect, will make it so that not only won't she be able to special herself from the grave again, but even when she tributes herself next turn, she won't get to summon anything, as she will have already left the field and therefore be considered a different target.
    • Same goes for the new "Mythical Beast" pendulums (and similar cards, like "Chronograph Sorcerer"), which destroy themselves while in the pendulum zones to trigger an effect. If you chain this card to their destruction effects, they will still blow up, but they won't do anything afterwards.
  • Against decks that overly rely on a specific card, like Spyrals with "SPYRAL Quik-Fix" or Invoked with "Invocation" this card can almost single-handedly win the game, locking all of your opponent's plays in the future.
  • Decks like Cyber Dragons, Harpies and Spyrals, where many of their cards are treated as another main card name, are completely crippled by this (for example, targeting "SPYRAL Tough" will also lock "SPYRAL Super Agent" AND "SPYRAL Double Helix", effectively winning you the game.
  • Keep in mind, that it's not necessary to destroy this card's target. Any form of field-removal, including bouncing is enough to trigger the lock.
    • This card works great with "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", as Brionac's discard cost can help fullfill this card's condition on the same chain. Target spells/traps with Brionac (field spells would be a good target) and completely lock them for the opponent.