• This card works well in "Volcanic" decks, as most of their effects have the drawback of not being able to attack anyway.
    • If you include "Volcanic Queen", you can inflict up to 2250 damage with this card and the effect of "Volcanic Queen".
  • This card is ideal to use after summoning cards like "Lava Golem", "Grinder Golem", "Fenrir the Nordic Wolf", or "Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent".
  • You can contain up to 3 copies of "Misfortune" in your Deck (or Side Deck combined), and activate them all in the same turn (provided they're all in your hand, and considering they aren't limited in any way), to inflict full-and-a-half of an opponent's monster's original ATK to your opponent. This method is best used in situations where you are unable to, or don't intend to, attack, and/or if you intend on inflicting effect damage with another card. This is also great against opponents using 5000 ATK cards such as Malefic Truth Dragon and Five-Headed Dragon. If you do use the 3 copies, you won't have to worry about not being able to attack for the two turns after the turn you use the 3 "Misfortune"s, since "Misfortune" only prevents you from attacking during the turn in which you use this effect.
  • Best used when you cannot battle, due to any reason (Cannot conduct Battle Phase, etc.)

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