• If "Vylon Sphere", "Tetra", "Stella" or "Prism" are attacked by a monster with higher ATK, activate this card. Both monsters will be destroyed, but no damage is taken and you can equip them to another monster you control.
  • Also good to use with "Infernity Guardian" as he gains more power when you have no hand.
  • This card is one of the few ways to boost Spirit Reaper's ATK without triggering its self-destruction effect.
  • Since the ATK boost granted by this card is permanent as long as your monster remains face-up on the field, you can bypass the temporary aspect of ATK boosts provided by cards such as Rush Recklessly by using them on your opponent's attacking monsters. You can also increase the effectiveness of cards whose boosts are dependent on the strength of the target monster, such as Megamorph, by using them on your opponent's more powerful monsters and forcing them to attack.
  • Works very well with Exploder Dragonwing as this card increase the dragon's attack thus enabling this dragon cause serious damage to your opponent.
  • This card is works perfect in Cloudians decks.

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