• Use this card with "Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon" while "Zombie World" is on the field so that you can take control of 2 of your opponent's monsters and use them to attack the opponent during the same Battle Phase.
  • This card can as well be used with "Appropriate" to draw 2 cards as well as gain this effect.
  • You can use this card on "Chainsaw Insect" with at least one Appropriate on the field to draw up to 6 cards (with three copies of "Appropriate".
  • This can be extremely helpful against an Infernity deck, when your opponent tries to activate an effect.
  • Use this card with "Flamvell Firedog": A 2900 ATK beatstick and can attack twice to special summon up to 2 FIRE monsters with 200 or less DEF monsters from your deck -- Even you can combine it with "Horn of the Phantom Beast" to draw two cards.

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