• Also, by using "Remove Brainwashing" with this card, you have a monster that will bring itself back every time it is destroyed as a result of battle.
  • Use with "Final Attack Orders" to always be able to deal some sort of easy damage to your opponent each turn.
  • Summon this card when you control "Magician's Valkyria". Since "Miracle Flipper" prevents all your other face-up monsters from being attacked and "Magician's Valkyria" prevents your other Spellcaster-type monsters from being attacked, none of your monsters can be destroyed by battle. (A similar effect can be achieved with "Marauding Captain" along with "DNA Surgery")
  • Equip this card with either "Mist Body" or "Heart of Clear Water". While equipped with "Heart of Clear Water", your opponent cannot destroy it by battle or by effects that target, keeping your other monsters safe, and while equipped with "Mist Body", it will protect your other monsters from attacks and if destroyed by a card effect, you can destroy one monster your opponent controls.
  • You can Special Summon this card with "Limit Reverse" during your opponent's End Phase to switch it to Defense Position during your turn to destroy one of your opponent's monsters.
  • You can use "Magical Dimension" on this card to Summon another Spellcaster and destroy one of your opponent's monsters.
  • If your face-down "Call of the Haunted" is targeted for destruction, you can activate it and choose this card in your Graveyard. When it is destroyed by the effect of Call of the Haunted, you will then destroy one of your opponent's monsters.
  • Combined with "Timeater", your opponent will be forced to skip their Main Phase 1 every turn.
  • Combined with "Fenrir", your opponent won't be able to draw any cards, creating a lock-down.
  • Use this card as a target for "Safe Zone", so your opponent cannot attack any other monsters, and if "Safe Zone" is destroyed, you can destroy an opponent's monster.
  • This card works well against "Burning Abyss" as when it is Summoned to your opponent's side of the field, it will destroy all Main Deck "Burning Abyss" Monsters.

Traditional Format

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