• This card is useful to Fusion-oriented Decks like "Elemental HERO" decks. If you use "Fusion Gate", you can return monsters you used as Fusion Material to your Graveyard and use "Miracle Fusion" to summon another powerful monster.
  • If you run a Deck which relies on banishing while having no monsters on your Graveyard, you can use this card to match the requirements to Special Summon "Dark Armed Dragon".
  • This card could prove helpful when used in a Dinosaur deck that runs or focuses on "Tyranno Infinity", "Survival Instinct" or other support cards that banishes monsters from play.
  • You can use this card to return several banished "Infernoid" monsters to your Graveyard at once, allowing you to banish them again to fulfill the summoning conditions of other "Infernoid" monsters.

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