• If there are 4 or more "Lightsworn" monsters and at least 1 DARK monster in your Graveyard, use this card effect to search "White Dragon Wyverburster", and then Special Summon it for a quick Level 7 Synchro Monster.
  • If your opponent has Xyz Monster on the field, "Radius, the Half-Moon Dragon" can be searched, and then Special Summon it to Synchro Summon "Star Eater". There must be at least 4 "Lightsworn" monsters in your Graveyard to search it.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeLevelATKDEF
The White Stone of Legend伝説の白石Effect Monster1300250
Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon銀河眼の雲篭Effect Monster1300250
Rider of the Storm Winds暴風竜の防人Effect Monster1500200
Majestic Dragon救世竜 セイヴァー・ドラゴンEffect Monster100
The White Stone of Ancients太古の白石Effect Monster1600500
Stardust Xiaolongスターダスト・シャオロンEffect Monster1100100
Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman破壊剣士の伴竜Effect Monster1400300
Galaxy SerpentギャラクシーサーペントNormal Monster210000
Photon Lizardフォトン・リザードEffect Monster39001200
Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb聖刻龍-ドラゴンゲイヴEffect Monster41800400
... further results

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