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  • A versatile card with many uses in a Zombie-Type Deck. If "Mezuki" is in your Graveyard, a powerful Zombie-Type monster can be used as a discard cost for cards such as "Lightning Vortex", and then use the effect of "Mezuki" to get it on the field.
  • This card's effect will activate the effect of any "Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower" currently on your field which will cause your opponent to lose two cards per "Bone Tower" since the effect of "Mezuki" allows a Special Summon of a Zombie-Type monster.
  • This card can also be used well with "Zombie Master", discard "Mezuki" for the effect of "Zombie Master", then then use "Mezuki" to Special Summon another monster for an instant 2 monsters.
  • Even if "Mezuki" is not used in a Zombie-Type Deck, by adding "Zombie World", nearly any monster in your Graveyard will be revived.

Traditional Format

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