Primary typeTypeAttributeStarsATKDEF
Abyss DwellerXyz MonsterSea SerpentWATER417001400
Aegaion the Sea CastrumXyz MonsterMachineWATER8?3000
Alligator's Sword DragonFusion MonsterDragonWIND517001500
Amazoness EmpressFusion MonsterWarriorEARTH828002400
Amazoness Pet LigerFusion MonsterBeastEARTH725002400
Amphibious BugrothFusion MonsterAquaWATER518501300
Ancient Flamvell DeitySynchro MonsterPyroFIRE72500200
Ancient Gear HowitzerFusion MonsterMachineEARTH810001800
Aqua DragonFusion MonsterSea SerpentWATER622501900
Armored KappaXyz MonsterPsychicWATER24001000
... further results

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