• Use this with card effects that activate when returned from the field to the hand like "Mist Valley Thunderbird".
  • After this card was Normal Summoned, Special Summon "Gilasaurus" by its own effect, and if the opponent Special Summons a monster because of the effect of "Gilasaurus", this card can inflict an additional 600 damage on the opponent.
  • Use "Degenerate Circuit" to banish monsters instead of returning them to the hand (however, note that you will miss out on the effect damage this way).
  • Use "Solomon's Lawbook" to skip the Standby Phase and keep this card on the field for one extra turn.
  • This card makes a nice addition to a Burn Deck as it is easy to summon, can deal decent damage to the opponent, and can also protect its owner for a turn.
  • This card can protect against the downside of "Gamble"; if you fail the coin toss, this card will stay on the field as a wall during the extra turn the opponent gets.
  • As the opponent will have returned monsters to their hand, quickly sending them to the Graveyard is key. Try combining cards like "Royal Tribute" (with "Necrovalley" on the field), "Mind Crush", "Hand Destruction", etc. in order to send monsters to the Graveyard so the opponent loses those cards.
  • Use this card effect to to return the opponent's Fusion, Synchro or Xyz Monsters back to their Extra Deck, making those cards harder to Summon back onto the field.
  • Do note that this card only prevents battle damage while in Attack Position. If your opponent Summons this card, use effects that can change battle positions and monsters that can Pierce to heavily damage your opponent.
  • Use Spring of Rebirth to gain 500 Life Points for each monster this card returns to the hand, in addition to the damage this card is already dealing to your opponent.
  • This card works well with "Crystal Beasts"; while they are Continuous Spell Cards, they will not block the Summon of this card, and they will stay on the field when this card's effect activates.
  • Use "Divine Wrath" against this card's effect during the Standby Phase to keep it on the field for another turn, as it cannot be destroyed when its effect is negated.

Traditional Format

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