• Use with "Cure Mermaid" to gain 700 LP per turn while protecting "Cure Mermaid" from enemy attacks, as her ATK is 1500 and any monster powerful enough to kill her cannot with "Messenger of Peace" active.
    • You can use this combo with "Fire Princess" as it has 1500 DEF, making both monsters unable to be attacked, reliably healing you and burning your opponent's LP at the same time.
  • By using "Injection Fairy Lily", it can attack because the ATK-gain is applied after the declaration of the attack (during the Damage Step).
  • This card, if in your possession, does not necessarily keep yourself from attacking forever; the cost is optional, meaning "Messenger" can be destroyed any time.
  • Combine with "Wall of Revealing Light" paying at least 2000 Life Points, so your opponent will be completely unable to attack.
  • This card works well in Decks revolving around winning with "Destiny Board". This card can be used to stall for time as F.I.N.A.L is constructed. When it comes time to play ""L"", just don't pay the cost, and there will be the Zone free for "L".
  • Use this card on a "Gradius" Deck, so in that way, all your monsters can attack, since they are all 1200 ATK or less, and discarding "Honest" could leave a lot of damage. That's the same for other low ATK LIGHT monsters, such as "Ojama" and "Watt".
  • Use this card to stall while trying to get all five pieces of "Forbidden One"/"Exodia" in your hand.

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