Card Tips:Mermail Abyssleed

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  • This card can be Tribute Summoned with one Tribute using "Unshaven Angler".
  • Summon this card from your deck with the effect of "Mermail Abysslinde" for some quick, massive muscle.

Traditional Format


  • This card can add the following cards from your Graveyard to your Hand:
  Card type
Abyss-scale of Cetus Equip Spell Card
Spell Card
Abyss-scale of the Kraken Equip Spell Card
Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi Equip Spell Card
Abyss-scorn Normal Trap Card
Abyss-sphere Continuous Trap Card
Trap Card
Abyss-squall Normal Trap Card
Abyss-strom Normal Trap Card

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