• This card's second and third effects are ideal for using during your Battle Phase after you have attacked with the monsters you plan to Synchro/Xyz Summon with, in order to inflict extra battle damage or destroy more monsters by battle.
    • These effects are more ideal to use with "Noble Knight" monsters that are equipped with "Noble Arms - Caliburn" and/or "Noble Arms - Gallatin", as the ATK boosts of those "Noble Arms" cards can be recycled for extra damage (if subsequently equipped to the Synchro/Xyz Monster Summoned by this card's effect).
  • You can use this card's second and third effects to avoid your opponent's card effects that might affect a "Noble Knight" monster(s) you control, but if you activate 1 of these effects in response to such a card effect, you will miss the timing to activate the effect of the Synchro/Xyz Monster Summoned by this card's effect.
    • However, this downside can be avoided if 1 or both of the "Noble Knight" monsters you use for the Summon have re-equippable "Noble Arms" Equip Cards, since you can activate their effects to equip to the newly Summoned Synchro/Xyz Monster.

Traditional Format

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