• This card can fit in Deck with monsters that Cannot be destroyed by battle.
    • This card can easily be Summoned in a "Cloudian" Deck as most of their effects will destroy them if their battle position is changed to face-up Defense Position, As well as it will prevent them from being destroyed by battle which may force the opponent to use the destruction effects or help you in the first strategy too.
    • This card is also easily summoned in a "B.E.S." Deck as all "B.E.S." monsters are destroyed by their own effects after battling without any counters, especially when "Boss Rush" is on field.
    • This card can be used in a "Yubel"'s Deck, specially with cards that destroy your monsters (like "Limit Reverse" and "Savage Colosseum").
  • This card can fit in "Scrap" Deck as most of their effects destroy them, as well as some of their archetype's support.
  • This card can fit in "Earthbound Immortal" Deck as their effects prevent them from being attacked by opponent's monsters that may force the opponent to use the destruction effects. also, their effects will destroy them if there is no face-up Field Spell Cards which will fulfill the summoning requirements of this card. This also applies to "Malefics".
  • Combo this card with "Give and Take" or "Foolish Revival", by Summoning a Synchro Monster to your opponent's field you can steal it and increase this card ATK.
  • "Baby Tiragon's" effect can make "Meklord Emperor Wisel" attack directly causing 2500 Battle Damage to its opponent.
    • "Baby Tiragon" + "Double Attack"'s effect to "Meklord Emperor Wisel" = 2 direct attacks causing 5000 "Battle Damage" to its opponent.
  • Combo this card with "Pride of the Weak", due to its low level you can easily draw 2 cards if you have no card in your hand.
  • Due to its low level, this card can be used for easy Synchro Summoning, especially after equipping a Synchro Monster.
  • Use "Hundred Eyes Dragon" to copy this card's effect to have a monster with at least 5000 ATK. It can also allow you to "kill" a Synchro Monster and counter a Spell Card in this turn.
  • Use this card in Scrap Decks. You can easily Summon this card by using the effect of "Scrap Dragon". Also, when this card is on the field with "Scrap Dragon", use "Scrap Dragon" as the "destroyer", then use this card as the "attacker".
  • Use this card in a Malefic Deck as a back-up for your other monsters. Their high attack usually necessitates destroying them by card effects, and if the Field Spell is destroyed and the Malefic monster self-destructs, you can replace it with this card. You can even summon a Malefic monster with no Field Spell and let it self-destruct just so you can summon this card.
  • Due to its' high ATK for its' Level, this card can be very useful in a Beatdown Deck.

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