• This card works well with "Black Rose Dragon". The effect of "Black Rose Dragon" destroys all cards on field and so this card can be Special Summoned from your hand while your opponent has no cards on the field.
  • If you Summon "Junk Warrior" it will have 4500 ATK and you can equip it with "Raregold Armor" to protect "Skiel" during your opponent's turn after you've used its effect to attack directly (which will lower its attack making it easy to destroy).
  • You can use "Mystical Fairy Elfuria" to reveal this card in your hand; thus preventing your opponent from summoning any Xyz monster whose Xyz material monsters' level(s) are higher than 1.
  • This card's best uses are shown against an Infernity Deck, which typically Synchro Summons 4 monsters or more in 1 turn, including "Infernity Doom Dragon", whose effect can summon this card. Where as this card's effect can allow it to bypass your opponent's monsters while sending one to the Graveyard.
  • This card is very splashable in a Scrap Deck, due to Scrap Monsters getting destroyed through various effects, most of the time being beneficial to the player activating the destroyed monsters effect as well as summoning this card.
  • This card can also have an OTK combo: first of all absorb your opponent's Synchro Monster (whose ATK must be at least 1800) with this card, then play "Limiter Removal" and then use Skiel to attack your opponent directly.
  • This card's effect "You can send 1 monster equipped to this card to the Graveyard to allow this card to attack your opponent directly this turn." can also work with Union Monsters if you send one whilst it doesn't give Skiel an attack advantage with any Synchros you don't want to send.
  • You can use "Creature Swap" to give a synchro monster you control to your opponent then use "Skiel's" effect to equip it to "Skiel" to increase it's attack.

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