• As long as you control at least 2 face-up monsters that meet this card's requirements for its ATK, then this card will have a good enough attack to stand up to most monsters. Controlling 2 Meklord Emperors (except Granel, whose Original ATK is 0) would be best, because both "Meklord Emperor Skiel" and Wisel have high enough Original ATK (2200 and 2500 respectively, which means if you control 2, "Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk" will have 4400 ATK with 2 Skiel, 4700 ATK with 1 Skiel and 1 Wisel, and 5000 ATK with 2 Wisel).
    • You, however, can have Granel, Skiel, and Wisel all face-up on your field, but only send Skiel and Wisel for Asterisk's ATK.
    • You can send monsters summoned through "Chaos Infinity's" effect.

Traditional Format

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