• Use this card's effect together with "Cyber Phoenix" to prevent your opponent from affecting them with Spell and Trap cards.
    • Use it with "Royal Decree" to disable all of your opponents Spell and Trap cards, but keep in mind your Trap cards will be disabled as well.
  • This card can be very effective in a "Dark World" Deck.
  • This card can work well in a Pendulum-based deck that can Pendulum Summon Level 7 monsters such as Pendulum Magician deck.
    • Ironically, this card works very well against Pendulum decks since setting Pendulum scales counts as activating Spell cards.
  • Use "Tribute Doll" to special summon this monster from your hand.
  • Combine with "Snipe Hunter" so you can make sure you have no cards in your hand.

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