• If you control a face-up "Vanity's Emptiness", the only way to Summon this card is by Tribute Summoning it. If you Tribute non-Pendulum monsters, "Vanity's Emptiness" theorically would be destroyed, but you can return it to your hand before this happens, since this card's effect will be activated as a Chain Link 2.
  • After Pendulum Summoning this card and bouncing your opponent's card(s), Tribute it to Normal Summon "Yosenju Magat", and use its effect to Special Summon another "Yosenju" monster from the Deck: the fact this card will be tributed won't be a drawback, since it will be placed in the Extra Deck and you will be able to Pendulum Summon it again on your next turn.
    • Preferably choose to Special Summon "Yosenju Misak", so that you will have 2 beatsticks and "Misak" will return to your hand during the End Phase; on your next turn, you will be able to Pendulum Summon it and use its effects at their best.
  • You can potentially OTK by pendulum summoning two Mayosenju Daibak, bouncing most, if not all of your opponent's field. Then attack with both for 6000 damage, then use them to summon Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max and use its effect to inflict 2000 damage.

Traditional Format