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  • Activating this card forces your opponent to either stop Special Summoning to keep yourself from drawing, or ignore the effect and allow yourself to draw several extra cards.
    • If your opponent chooses the latter option and Special Summons heavily, cards like "Effect Veiler" and "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" could potentially be drawn into, which would stop most One Turn Kills.
      • Also it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent to pull off their OTK before the cards you get can actually be used.
  • This card is extremely useful in "Exodia"/"Forbidden One" Decks.
  • Since this card's drawing effect is mandatory once it resolves, this card can force yourself into Deck Out when facing Decks with almost-infinite Special Summon effects, so be careful.
    • This is most apparent against "Synchrocentric" Decks that specialize in Synchro Summoning multiple "Shooting Quasar Dragons" at once.
    • "X-Sabers" can also get into the "XX-Saber Faultroll" loop out, to discard every card that was drawn, and also possibly forcing yourself into Deck Out situation.
    • "Colossal Fighter", when used at correct setup, can also causes yourself to Deck Out.
  • Since this is a Spell Speed 2 effect, this may be activate in a Chain to a card which Special Summons a monster, such as "Monster Reborn" or "Debris Dragon". This way, at LEAST 1 card will be guaranteed to be drawn.
  • This card is great in regaining hand advantage, if there no take down by your opponent with a potential OTK first.
  • By using this card during your opponent's turn, a Synchro Summon can be set up on your next turn by using "Junk Synchron" or "Debris Dragon" to revive "C" and tune for a Level 5 or 6 monster.
  • To counter this card, "Mind Drain", or more directly, "Debunk" can be used.
    • "Heavy Slump" can also be Set while keep your Special Summoning until your opponent has 8 or more cards, and activate "Heavy Slump" during their Draw Phase to instantly leaving them down into 2 cards only, effectively erasing the humongous hand advantage they got earlier.
  • "Appropriate" can make this card played by your opponent work in your favor, since 2 cards will be drawn every time your opponent draws.

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